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          WelcomeFoshan Liyuan electronic membrane switch Co., LtdWebsite!
          Focus on the design and manufacture
          of membrane switch and membrane panel
          Professional development and design, trustworthy
          Technology based enterprise, committed to R & D and profound technical reservePerfect production quality system and advanced experimental and testing equipment

          Foshan Liyuan electronic membrane switch Co., Ltd

          Foshan Liyuan electronic film switch Co., Ltd. is a professional design, production of high-end man-machine interface manufacturers. The main products are film switch, film panel, printed circuit, PCB module, FPC module, capacitive touch switch, film switch with backlight, film switch with hardware, silicone keys, car dashboard, car seat sensor and so on.

          Committed to becoming a leading strength source manufacturer in the film industryProvide you with all-round solutions
          Products are widely used in various industries
          It has strong production capacity to provide strong guarantee for product deliveryProvide more reliable, efficient and high-quality products and services

          Now consult Liyuan:18923252617

          Online consultation
          Spot sales and complete inventory Fully meet any needs of customers
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